PREPARATION STRATEGY FOR MAIN EXAMINATION                          

 The syllabus of General Studies consists of syllabus from social sciences, behavioural sciences, philosophy, psychology and applied science and technology.

Upon careful reading and analysis of the GS syllabus, it can be aptly described as inter-disciplinary as well as multi-disciplinary

The strategy, thus, for the preparation of General Studies is a bit different from that of preparation of any optional subject, since none of the segments of the syllabus can be studied as isolated disciplines.

 So, the question is,

                           “what is the right approach and strategy”?
Well, for that, one needs to keep in mind the basic fact that if the goal is to reach the highest level of achievement, then one must have not only ample patience for details,but should be able to keep the big picture regarding any theme in one’s mind at the time of study.

  • Thus the preparation strategy is to follow a mix of both micro and macro level approaches.
  • The first step in this direction is the comprehension of the syllabus in its true orientation. 
  • One must look at the syllabus closely and in detail and try and understand its nature.
The basic characteristic of the GS syllabus is that it is inter-disciplinary as well as multidisciplinary.

  • The social, economic, political and administrative aspects must merge to analyze a topic. For example, study of India’s economic growth will require good knowledge of disparities in society, administrative issues relating to implementation of programmes, external factors, etc. In other words, the new syllabus being inter disciplinary requires a synthesis of ideas.
Also, the syllabus is a combination of traditional and dynamic aspects

Traditional aspects are those which remain more or less the same like History, Culture, and Physical Geography etc.
The dynamic aspects are those which are continuously changing like environmental, socio-economical and international issues etc.

The dynamic aspects require more attention as those are to be covered on day to day basis. 
Amongst dynamic aspects, emphasis on issues which have a bearing on our society, economy and administration test a candidate’s awareness about new challenges of our country and society on various fronts.
After understanding the true orientation of the syllabus.

  • The second step is the selection of right study material(s) for each segment of the GS syllabus and an efficient method to study them. The basic strategy at the start of preparation of the GS syllabus for both Pre and Mains exam is to refer to NCERT books on related topics. 
  • Refrain in the beginning from reading guidebooks, as they load you with information, but with very little concept.                       


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