The Interview Round-CIVIL SERVICES EXAM(IAS)

Though it carries only 275 marks, one can not afford to take it lightly, because a candidate’s selection or ranking is likely to be affected by the marks that he/she gets in it. 
This test is not a cross-examination of the candidate, but something which appears between the twilight of a question-and-answer session and a purposive conversation.
 You must know that the most important part of the interview is “you”. Everything else that goes on in an interview is peripheral or secondary. Talking about oneself is not easy for any one in such a situation. Yet, that is what precisely you are required to do in an interview. Your achievements, interests and vision are what you must be ready to talk about in a clear-headed manner. 

    An interview is a celebration of “you” from start to finish.
  •  The interviewers usually have two major enquiries in their mind: (a) the personality issues and (b) the knowledge base of the candidate.

Now, in case of Civil Services Examination the knowledge aspect is taken care of by an elaborate written examination which is already over by the time you go for the interview.
What remains to be evaluated is the personality aspects of the candidate, and it is for this reason the interview has been, at times, also called the PERSONALITY TEST.
The Personality of a person has been variously defined to include a vast number of qualities of head and heart. The personality of any person is the sum total of what one has experienced, seen, heard, read or felt from the very moment one starts being aware of oneself in the society.

  • In short, what UPSC is looking for in a candidate is a person of substance who has the intelligence and courage to take on any job and give his/her best to it without fear or favour.

Briefly, they are looking for a person who will hold his/her ground and stand by his/her colleagues in difficult situations with complete sincerity and commitment.
Finally, remember that winning is an event, but being a winner is a spirit. 

To win, you will have to understand the spirit of deserving something before getting it. The mantra for success in an examination like Civil Services is to cultivate the real ‘joy of learning’ as a precondition for any learning to have an impact on your mind.                                                      
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