Are you IAS Aspirant ? YES ! really ?  OK Are you passionate about IAS ? IAS is your dream or AIM ?

Dream and AIM is not the same thing. Both are different from each other.A dream is a hope or aspiration or something you desire and requires no effort. Aim is a direction towards a goal or purpose and requires effort. They can go together but are not the same thing. You can Aim for your Dream.
Dream cost you nothing but achieve the aim you have to spent something

Dream is when u start thinking about something aim is when you want to make it real 

“People won't respect you until you achieve the respectable goals.”


Unfortunately there is no online tool or calculator which gives you answer to this question then how we should know whether I truly want to be an IAS officer,IAS IS my goal or it’s just a dream like many others.

Don’t worry it is possible .Yes it is possible to know whether IAS is my AIM or not ? 

It is possible to tell something about anyone by watching his behavior ,feelings. So based on your feelings you can easily judge yourself Whether you really want to be an IAS officer or not .

Non verbal communication tips for interview

Below I am going to write some questions based on behavior, feelings, actions, emotions …etc if your answer for each question is yes ,then congrats you really want to be an IAS officer .Don’t listen anyone just tight yourself and follow your Aim with full confidence you will achieve it.


Are you thinking about INDIAN ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE (IAS) or LBSNAA while reading any book, when you are alone,When you are in bus... etc
 You think about IAS ? Yes or NO ?

If you think about IAS/IPS then move to next question

 Feel pleasure in helping others when anyone ask 
 you question related to civil services exam ,IAS,IPS,IFS etc ?

you feel pleasure,give them full details about the civil services exam pattern, syllabus and other suggestions. 

can you feel pleasure ? YES or NO ?

Get excited while watching /reading news related to IAS officer or civil services ?
You don’t miss any news related to civil servants.

same thing happens with you ?you do the same ? YES or NO ?

While Reading IAS toppers interview you put yourself in his place and saying I can do much better ? 
you do the same ? Yes or NO ?

Before going to sleep at night and after waking up in the morning IAS is in your mind ?
You feel the same or not…?

If your answer to above questions are YES then  you are passionate about Indian Administrative Service ,IAS is YOU aim .If your answer to the above questions are No then it’s not your AIM it’s your Dream.
If you want to convert your dream into a goal you have to work on it ,you will achieve it.

Remember the lines

Follow your dreams. If you have a goal, and you want to achieve it, then work hard and do everything you can to get there, and one day it will come true.
Lindsey Vonn


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