Quick history-Vir Savarkar

(1883-1966) Revolutiorary Warrior

Binayak Damodar Savarkar, who was popular by the name Vir Savarkar, was a revolutionay by birth. He was born on 18th May 1883 at a time when preparatory forces for India's freedom were coming into existence. This was also the year when Indian National Congress was formed. By the beginning of the twentieth century revolutionary movement had begun to gain momentum.

Tatya, which was Vir Srwarkar's childhood name, was the third child of his parents. He used to listen to the stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata from his parents along with his other two brothers. He felt greatly inspired from those epic tales. He felt inclined to participate in the nationalistic movement after he had met Lokmanya Tilak and read 'Kesre, a magazine brought out by Lokmanya . He formed his own organisation called Mitra Mela' and began to teach students the lessons on patriotism and inspire them to serve the motherland. Vir Savarkar after passing his B.A. examination went to England to study law. But instead, be joined the Indian revolutionaries there. Shyamji Krishna Verma, the founder of 'India House' in. London. -was his host. India. House, being the centre of revolutionsary activities made him take greater part in the freedom struggle. The British government was well aware of the anti-British activities going on in the India House.

Vir Savarkarwas arrested and was sent back to.On his way to India In a ship, Vir Savarkar tried to escape,but the  British captured him again. He was brought to India and  sent to Andma jail, .His elder brother Ganesh Savarkar was also there serving Jail term. They jail authorities did not behave well with them. They were harassed and tortured all the time. The British thought if tortured they would abandon their mission and would no more  take part in the ongoing freedom movement It Inda.The hard core revolutionaries  were all the more determined to intensify their struggle and drive any the British from the land.
Vir Savarkar passed away in the year 1966 leaving a pedantic  legacy behind him.


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