GS Paper-I: Indian Heritage and Culture, History and Geography of the World and Society

  GS Paper-I: Indian Heritage and Culture, History and Geography of the World and Society

  • The part related to Indian Heritage and Culture will require appreciation of Indian art sculpture, dance, architecture, music, festivals, folklore, drama; literature etc.
  •  One has to capture the evolution of Indian art and culture since ancient times. Out of 250 marks in this paper, it is expected that approximately 50-70 marks will be allotted to this section.
  • The part related to Modern Indian History shall cover the period between The Revolt of 1857 and modern times. It is expected that this section will account for 70-80 marks and will have the following components:Political History: British conquest of India; Freedom Struggle: The moderates, the militants, the revolutionaries and the Gandhian Era; Important leaders of freedom movement, their ideologies and contributions; Social-Religious movements; British administrative ‘structure; British Economic policies and their consequences; Revolts:Tribal, peasant and popular revolts; Educational and Press policies; Important Governor Generals and the significant measures initiated by them.
  • The Post-independent India section will have questions relating to the following areas:Integration of Indian States; Linguistic Reorganisation of States; Task of nation building; Secularism, communalism, backward classes and affirmative action
  • World History: One can conceptualize and systematize the syllabus of the World History as follows: Industrial Revolution and its impact; the two world wars: causes and effects; The League of Nations and the UNO; The process of decolonization; Major ideologies: communism, socialism, capitalism; The Cold War; Policy of Non-Alignment;Globalization.
  • Geography of the World: Applied aspects have been emphasized in both Indian and World Geography syllabus.                                            
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