GS Paper-IV: Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude

GS Paper-IV: Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude

  • This paper aims to evaluate the candidate’s attitude and approach to issues relating to integrity, probity in public life. 
  • Further, it also seeks to test a candidates approach towards problem solving of various issues and conflicts while dealing with society as a civil servant.
  • Ethics and Integrity: These two concepts have been borrowed from public administration. They deal with administrative ethics and integrity in public life.
A regular study of Newspapers with focus on issues before society and issues raised by Civic Society groups will help.

  • Aptitude: This topic belongs to the realm of psychology. Its theoretical aspects can be comprehended by referring to any good text book of psychology.
 A candidate ‘also has to inculcate the values which would orient his aptitude towards society. These values are: integrity, impartiality and non-partisanship, objectivity, dedication to public service, empathy, tolerance and compassion towards the weaker sections.                                         

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