17 Best TIPS for interview

           17 Best TIPS for interview

Interviewing is the key to exploring a candidate in depth for a hiring manager. A candidate must know some basics before entering the interview room to maximize their probability of being selected, and these are...:

1. Preparation: prepare yourself with important information , such as the times lot for the interview ,the venue and a little knowledge about the interviewer as well.

Interview tips
2. Interview styles: Interviewers may test you with different interview arrangement , such as one-to-one interaction ,a group assessment or panel interview. If you know the company's usual style, it can be a great help in preparing yourself.

3. Show up early: Nervousness is very common in job interview and if by chance a candidate is delayed while travelling to the interview venue, stress builds further. So be sure to leave early so that you can absorb the surroundings and remain calm.

4. Dress properly: wear formal wear with elegant looking colours and design ,such as plain black or a gray coat over a white shirt .Do not wear or carry wear distracters, such as strong perfumes ,  jewelry or other accessories. Take special care to wear shoes-not sandals-and make sure these  are complimentary to your dress and give a formal look.

5.Give a firm handshake :A handshake can immediately indicate your level of confidence and attitude .Too loose shows a lack of confidence ,and too tight suggest dominance-find a middle ground.

6. A warm smile: As soon as you meet the interviewers, give them a warm smile , looking straight into their eyes. This will make them comfortable with you , so keep smiling throughout the interview.

7. Watch your body language : Body language is a form of non verbal communication and can strongly tell a lot about a person. Hence ,you should sure that you do not exhibit negative body language, such as fidgeting with objects, shaking legs, scratching nose, etc.

8.Show competency: competency based interviews are the most common type of interview, and it tests your capabilities in four core areas; situation, Task, Action and Results(STAR),so t impress them ,consider sing phrase like, "The situation was...","Key tasks involved were...","I took an action...","The result were...,"etc. in your answer.

9. Write important points: While the interviewer is speaking to you, take notes to show them their information is important to you, especially when the person is taking about a company or profile.

10. Even your pen should look professional: Do not use a cheap or colourfull pen; use one with descent sheen and colour. It will make you look professional.

11.Do research: You should have the complete information about the company or services on your finger tips. This can be the vision, mission, product, or services, financial position, etc. Read the company's website, annual report and news about the company to do research. This will enable you to answer their questions with confidence and will help you in framing some intelligent questions that you can ask, which will create an impression.

12.  Be confident about your Resume: Know every details about things you have written on our resume, especially profiles and achievements.

13. Proper resume: Your resume should look professional in every way. Carry it in a professional looking (not colourfull), and bind sheets properly with a stapler.

14. Be positive while you speak: Assume yourself already hired when talking with interviewers. Consider using language like, "When I join you or stat to work with you..."

15. Ask questions: It's not only them who need to get know you; you must also find out where you re getting in,so ask them relevant questions. Prepare yourself in advance for this phase.

16. Thank them for their time: This will make them remember you and will create a good impression.

17. Be calm: Be steady, cool and calm when you go for an interview. It is not a war, only a discussion to get to know each other.            

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