International Writers Award 2014

                 International Writers Award 2014

London: Author of the popular Harry Potter novel series J K Rowling and Chairman of Zee News Subhash Chandra have been selected for prestigious International Writers Award-2014 for fantasy writing and news reporting respectively, according to Dr Adish C Aggarwala, President of International Commission of Writers. 

The awards was presented in the International Conference of Jurists & Writers in London on June 23 in the presence of Chief Justices, Judges, Ministers, editors, writers and diplomats.

This is a moment of glory for India since it is the first time two Indians have been nominated to receive the coveted award.

 JK Rowling-Harry Potter author

 JK Rowling
Rowling has been selected for her contribution to children literature and for fantasy writing.

  Subhash Chandra

Subhash Chandra
Subhash Chandra

Zee News Chairman Subhash Chandra also  received award
 for “the pivotal role played by him in improving the standards of television news. He has canvassed for change and has made an unwavering pursuit of innovative approaches for gathering and disseminating news”, 

                                           M K Razdan,

M K Razdan, Editor-in-Chief, Press Trust of India 
Press Trust of India 

The award will also be given to M K Razdan, Editor-in-Chief, Press Trust of India for his contribution to responsive democracy by accurate and prompt reporting of events.

 Mr Razdan has been credited with preservation of independence of functioning and for “stirring interest and shaping public opinion on matters of common pursuit”.

THE International Commission of Writers has also selected Mexican Ambassador to UK Diego Gomez Pickering for the award.
Diego Gomez Pickering 
Diego Gomez Pickering 

“In recognition of his lifetime contribution to journalism and writing. Besides playing multitudinous roles involving press coordination and journalism, he has various publications and books to his credit.” 

Dr Aggarwala, President of International Commission of Writers informed that Media Rights Activist Bob Satchwell too has been selected for the award. 

Accepting the award, Bob said that it is only a free media that can properly serve the public because it is seen to be independent and holding all sides to account.

Bob Satchwell 
Bob Satchwell 

Satchwell is the Executive Director of Society of Editors, London and has been chosen for professionalism and providing meaningful leadership to the press. 

Judges said that Bob “has consistently displayed a high degree of professionalism and effectiveness in executing the multitude of administrative duties constantly confronting him as a leader of the media.”

THE award, instituted by the International Commission of Writers, was presented by Mr. Justice Peter Tomka, President of the International Court of Justice, at a ceremony in London.
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