Important reforms and acts during British Rule

1Prohibition of sati and
female infanticide
1829Lord William
Supported by Raja
Rammohan Roy
2Doctrine of Lapse1848Lord DalhousieAdoption of sons by rulers
in the absence of their natural
heirs was banned
3Indian Legislative Council
1861Lord CanningEnvisaged association of Indians
with the administration at higher level
4Ilbert Bill1883Lord RiponTo bring Indian and European magistracy
on equal footing
5Indian Council Act1892Lord LansdownMembership of the central legislative
councils was enlarged
6Morley-Minto Reforms1901Lord Minto IISeparate electorates to widen the gulf between
Hindus and Muslims
7Indian Council Act1909Lord Minto IIBrought about a limited increase in the involvement of Indians in the governance of British India.
8Dyarchy1919Lord ChelmsfordMeaning dual system of government
9Jallianwala Bagh Massacre1919Lord ChelmsfordMassacre at Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar by General Dyer
10Rowlatt Act1919Lord ChelmsfordExtraordinary powers were given to government to suppress the freedom struggle with General dyer as the commandant
11Simon commision1928Lord IrwinTo report working of the reforms:recommended dyarchy in provinces,India to be constituted as a federation and
Indianization of armed forces
12Gandhi-Irwin Pact1931Lord IrwinCongress called off the agitation and agreed to participate in the second round table conference.
13Communal Award1932Lord WellingdonEnvisaged communal representation for depressed classes besides Hindus,Muslims and sikhs
14Separate electorates1932Lord wellingdongranting separate electorates in British India for the Forward Caste, Lower Caste, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs, Indian Christians, Anglo-Indians, Europeans and Untouchables (now known as the Dalits)
15Government of India Act1935Lord wellingdonProvided for a federal type of constitution
16Cripps Mission1942Lord LinlithgrowProposed Dominion status for India after the second world war
17INA Trial1945Lord WavellINA prisoners of war were tried at  Red Fort Delhi and Jawaharlal Nehru defended them
18Wavell Plan1945Lord wavellEnvisaged constitution of executive council in such a way as to give representation to all major communities in India 
19Cabinet Mission1947Lord wavellEnvisaged establishment of constituent assembly to frame the constitution
20Indian Independence Act1947Lord MountbattenIndia partitioned and attained independence
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