SUSPENSION RULE FOR IAS                                                             

  •  State can keep IAS officer under suspension,pending disciplinary action.
  • Suspension to continue only if centre(DOPT)confirms it.
  • State can't delay report beyond maximum 90 days without centre's confirmation.
  • For disciplinary proceedings,IAS officer presents reply to chief secretary.
  • The chief secretary,a state's top bureaucrat,can take a call to either continue suspension or revoke it based on report.
  • State must then send report to centre for confirmation
  • Opinion of centre prevails.
  • If centre goes by state's report ,suspend officer can move court-central Administrative Tribunal (CAT)
  • CAT acts as arbiter and takes into account centre's and state's recommendations and officer's version
  • CAT  judges if state followed due procedure as per service rules in suspending officer.
  • During this period,officer in question receives half pay and housing facility.
  • Period of suspension on charges other than corruption can't exceed a year,pending further inquiry
  • If inquiry not completed within a year,suspension order stands revoked.
  •  Officer can be suspended for one year maximum,pending inquiry.       

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