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We allow you to write and publish your article on our website. It’s best way to reach huge targeted audience within short time and it also increase your social contacts.
It’s best way to increase and see your business, website, social contacts at new level...

Idea for Guest posting comes from some websites, coaching institutes and other websites who asked us one month ago to a publish their content but at that time we don’t have posted our rules and  guidelines and we promised them that within one month we will do something related to this ,and we emerge. is the only website in the field of civil services exam (IAS) UPSC which allow you to publish your quality content and get rewards in return.

Within short period of time we have reached huge audience and build strong trust among them ,it’s just because of hard work ,dedication of our team members ,quality contents and way of presentation .and most important because of visitors who believe us. Thanks to them from our whole team.

All this has become possible because we follow  some rules and guideline strictly while posting any article. To maintain this trust and quality of articles on our
website we expect same from the contributors.

Why we allow guest posting 

One reason I have mentioned above why we started guest posting others are below:-
1. We believe that No one knows everything
                    “Nobody knows everything, everybody knows something!
                        Every person is a teacher, every place is a school!”
Just few experts and writing hands does not know everything ,so it is necessary to bring outside experts who have a new insight into a topic that our readers care about.
2.To help others to reach out to new audience.
3.To share more quality content with different views. It is because We respect and allow different point of view.
Benefits of guest posting
1.By guest posting you will grow you influence in the realm of social media. This will increase your business/website to new level.
2.It allow you to share your business,ideas,message to an already established community(Targeted audience)
3.You are going to connect more readers, new people because we allow you to put your link on our website ,which can ultimately benefit you. If you do it in right way.

4.It will increase your website ranking

Readers of CIVILSERVICESIAS.COM are well informed and so educated not because they read and follow us, but because they read numbers of books, magazines, newspapers, education sites, blogs, forums, g.k, current updates and they are so informed because they are competing for one of the toughest exam in the world yes it’s CIVIL SERVICES EXAM popularly known as IAS EXAM (IAS- Indian Administrative Service).
So if you are thinking about contributing to
,please read the following guidelines to ensure that your submission gets fast approval.
We accepts guest post from –
Bureaucrats, Scholars, teachers, professors, or anyone having strong educational background. 
Website/Blog owners
We accept guest posts from educational websites, blog related to civil services
exam. We accept website/blog contents which have quality content on their website.
Coaching Institutes
Any coaching institutes related to civil services .
We also allow guest post from N.G.O  if it truly helping society in any way (we will approve it quickly by relaxing some guidelines)
IAS  Aspirants/Students
We allow Aspirants and students to express and share their knowledge with others.
Civil servants
If any civil servants or any one who has qualified or reached interview stage
wanted to share their story they are can.
If anyone from USA,Russia,U.K,BRAZIL,Germany,Bolivia,Indonesia,Ireland,netherland wanted to share their guest post are most welcome.(It is because after India this are the some top countries where our website is viewed most).
Guidelines for ARTICLES
Unique and Original
Content must be original, Unique, and exclusively written for
CIVILSERVICESIAS.COM that readers have not read yet.
Publication-Article/content which you are submitting you have not publish it anywhere on website or any print media. We will not accept article if found elsewhere on web (to check duplicate contents on web we have latest tool  ).
Word Limit-Article must be above
1200 words. Do not use unnecessary words just to increase word count(quality
must be maintained)
Topic Detail-Your article must covers topic in detail ,and must be written in well formed,in paragraph  and in bullets.
Copyright-We respect copyright because we understand hard work behind any article.By submitting article to you give us the copyright ownership of the article/content/post.
If we found you have broken any copyright policy of others and ours too we will ban you and for your action you will be responsible for your action.So better to use your own content.
Titles/phrase-Title and phrase are chosen by our SEO experts and content manager because our website is based on SEO (SEO-Search Engine Optimization).
Image-You must include at least one and at most five images to your article. If your images are not related to your content we will change image for SEO purpose.
NO Advertisement -Any post written with intention to advertise or to link back to site selling  something is considered as advertisement and cannot be accepted by us. For advertisement we have different policy.(If you want to advertise contact us through contact form)
Some topics which are more popular
You are free to write article on any topic but we encourage you to write on some popular topics this are-
For prelims, mains, interview,personality development for IAS(pick any specific topic and write on it in detail)
Ethics and integrity, case study
Indian constitution
world history... etc
After publishing your post we reserve the all right to remove your post from our website if we find your post violate our any of the above rules and guidelines.

Promote and engage
We encourage author to respond to readers comments and questions about their
 Your Profile And Biodata
Your profile will be visible below your post ,add link to your website ,you fb page,google+ page,twitter page.
So don’t add anything for self promotion       

Friendly Note-We will reply within 24 hrs about the status of  your post and  if found something wrong in you post we will assist you in correcting
them so that you hard work will give something in return to you .

NOTE-For owners of, google ,twitter,Facebook pages and groups related to general knowledge and civil services exam.
We want to work with different fb-pages,groups,twitter and google+pages
Great opportunity 
If owners of social media pages want to publish their page link on our website they are most welcome. You can send link of your group or page in our contact form in sidebar we will publish it on our website.

How to submit guest post ?
You have two option to submit your post fist directly in contact form (see in middle left ) or second option either through sending you gmail account  to us .In second option we will open your account and give you dashboard .

If you have read the above rules and guidelines and are ready to post we will open your guest account in our website through this account you can edit and create your own post ,you can see  all our posts in your dashboard. For this you must have Google account.
After getting your email address we will send you an invitation when you accept it you can do what I have mentioned above. You will become one of the author of by accepting invitation.
If you want to discuss or have any other query related to guest posting contact us through our contact form we have put it in our sidebar or email us at

IF you have any suggestion ,or want to express your thoughts please post you comments. 

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