List of economic websites important for IAS exam

In civil services exam economy always covers a major section of general studies syllabus .So no one can take risk of leaving it even in dreams. Many student find economy little harder than other topics.

Is economics is hard ?

Economics is not like History or Political science. In economics your memorizing power won’t help you much .Economics demands deep thinking and strong analyzing power and also many of it’s terms and concepts are not common in use. If you have read it in previous classes like class 11 and 12 you will find it easy.

In IAS exam From economy section you will face most questions from current topics.Sources for updating yourself are many but few will provide you quality,
authentic and accurate information .So to lower your stress we are presenting some websites related to economy. 

We are going to present list of important websites for civil services exam based on it’s importance in preparation, quality,  and accuracy.

List of economic websites important for IAS exam

Business Today
It is the largest-circulated business fortnightly in India. It give a complete understanding of the world of business.

Business standard 
It stands for reporting that stresses accuracy and credibility. It’s contributors include some of the sharpest mind writing on economics and business.

The focus of the EPW is economic issue but it is truly a multidisciplinary, Publication covering sociology, political science, history, gender and environmental studies.

The Hindu Business Line-
Publication of the Hindu groups.

Financial express-
Excellence in journalism and a commitment to independence and fairness.(other famous brands from express group- The Indian Express, Loksatta etc)

The Economic times-From Times of India

Government Websites you updates about developing and promotion of India’s
International trades and commerce.

Ministry Of Finance-Government of India.

Planning Commission Of India-Set up to promote growth and development.

Indian-Budget-government of India

Which one you like the most ? If you think we have missed any important website which have quality ,accuracy and have authentic content please tell us we will add them for the benefit of others

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