How to study -Indian culture topic from general studies-1 IAS mains syllabus?
UPSC in its new syllabus has increased vastness as well as depth of the context. If you look back at the questions asked before 2011 you will see a massive change. Earlier they ask questions directly in a simple words but now they ask questions in totally different and twisted way. Earlier IAS Aspirants stress only on what should be written but now they have to first stress on what is written and then focus on what should be written.

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Intention is clear they want smart hard worker not hard worker. To clear IAS exam smart study works.
 " You can do anything but not everything."

You have to make wise decision what to read and what to not for civil services exam. You don’t have to read everything because you can’t. So use your sharp brain and think what UPSC actually demands from you and then work accordingly.

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In this article I am going to write some suggestion and tips to study General Studies 1, topic Indian Culture and heritage (GS-1 FOR IAS MAINS).We will write on GS-2, GS-3, GS-4 later in a series. We will give you tips on every points mentioned in UPSC IAS MAINS SYLLABUS.

How to study Indian culture topic from general studies-1 IAS mains syllabus?

If you look at the first point of GS-1 you will find the term Ancient to modern times by writing this UPSC wants to say everything yes “everything”. Mean anything can come from Indian culture in General studies 1 mains paper.

If you are going to read everything then you have to read many books, encyclopedia on Indian culture ,web search… etc .It almost takes more than 6 months.

Are you going to write exam for ASI or any cultural department?

Here comes smart work for IAS preparation, do smart study for civil services exam.

How to study for IAS mains general studies first topic Indian culture?

Topics you need to cover under Indian culture general studies 1

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4.Languages and literature's
9.Indian Architecture
10.Religious reforms
11.About religious reformers and saints
12.Institutions related to Indian Culture and heritage
13.Famous people of related fields in arts and culture
15.Hand looms, handicrafts, performing arts theatres

How much time you have for Mains exam ?

Make your own time table and get clear idea how much time you want to give for general studies one topic Indian culture.

When you get real time start your work …

Make  a list of all Indian states Alphabetically or in any way you want according to your interest.

Then choose any one state and read and complete the above topics from that state.

For example Take a Nagaland state

Get all information's on nagalands festivals,architectures,tribes,languages and literature,religions ,dance forms… etc

After completing all topics from Indian culture and heritage move to the next state and in same way as mentioned above cover all topics .Same goes for other state.

Read News related to findings of certain paintings from any period ,UNESCO heritage sites ,ASI related news in India etc.

Websites to use for Indian culture and heritage general studies 1 IAS mains exam

State government website (tourism)

My personal favourite website related to Indian Arts and culture it is an online encyclopedia for Indian arts and culture with lacks of articles .

If you look at previous year question papers you will realise that only a well prepared student can do questions from Indian culture in General studies 1 mains exam.

So work accordingly you will achieve you aim. Don’t miss our next article on General studies -1

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