4 Ways Of How Technology Has Changed Learning

4 ways of how technology has changed learning

technology,learning,e learningToday, more than one can possibly imagine our lives have changed. The dramatic role that technology plays in our lives today is not only astonishing, but also an amazing part of this modern generation.With the arrival of technology and its integrated applications, students have many opportunities than ever. They are open to so many avenues of learning, that individuals of decades back never thought of or had the chance. The work gets done amazingly fast and the challenges get easy when students find themselves so many resources at their disposal.

Technology,learning,e learning
     Having said that, the technology also has redefined aspects of learning. It has given concepts that were previously either not thought of or ignored. It has changed the way students and individuals learn, adapt to knowledge or gain an education and has introduced programs that allow for even better understanding of the same course. Increase in interaction and participation is another major element that technology has given, along with much more empowerment, to both teachers and students in their own respective ways.

Some of the new ways of learning that technology has introduced are:

1.Learning as a group

technology,learning,e learning
Group activities and collaborative learning, has improved drastically with the evolution of technology and introduction of applications supportive of this kind of learning. Collaborative or group learning is now not only restricted to classrooms, but also students now have the opportunity to learn through the internet as a group. Many applications free of cost allow this kind of learning mechanism to be implemented.

2.Academic assistance through external parties

technology,learning,e learning

Can I pay someone to do my homework? - This is now a very common question with numerous solutions. Students are now exposed to all kinds of extra academic assistance online, in the form of writing companies, helpers, alumni and various social media discussion forums. This is again an advantage that makes students so comfortable and smooth during their academic life. They always know how many plans they have to clear out for a particular challenge.

3.Learning through Videos

Technology,learning,e learning                                                                               
Tutorial videos also called V-Logs are another form of innovation in learning with the help of internet and technology. Today, such videos and tutorials are extremely common and students can enjoy all kinds of knowledge gained through such concepts.

4.Practical and Brain based learning   

Technology,learning,e learning

Learning has now become more practical. Technology has empowered students to learn on their own through experiments by using different technological programs and devices. It gets them to understand better and provide many more useful insights.


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