How to begin the preparation for UPSC Exam

How to begin the preparation for UPSC Exam 

As most of you would have been accustomed with the fact that most candidates would be working while preparing for the IAS Exam, you would have to allot at least 60 to 90 minutes a day for clearing the exam. As far as weekends and holidays are concerned, you could extend the preparation hours to 5 or 6. In the due course of learning, the study hours could be split into two or three sessions per day.

Let us look at how we shall begin the preparation in the smoothest manner possible from the points mentioned below.

Read Newspapers

While preparing for the GS1 paper for instance, you could rely on NCERT Textbooks and this would imply on not restricting yourself to 11th and 12th standard books. If you encounter a difficult challenge to tackle, you could resort to web based reliable sources for clarifying your doubts. Try reading newspapers of high national standards like the Hindu in particular and improve your inquisitiveness by wanting to know what the writer of the article wants to convey and thereby building different competencies.

Use information from Government Ministry Sites

How many of us are aware of the fact that the websites of most Central Government Ministries have ample information on subjects related to tourism, agriculture, fisheries and so on which would be more than sufficient to help you to clear competitive exams at the state and national levels. The added advantage of this is the fact that, the information provided on these sites would be authentic to the core.

Be Motivated

From the moment you begin your preparation, the pillar of your success would be determined by the level of motivation you would have right through your preparation till you reach the finish line. This could be done by recognising your core strengths, weaknesses, interests. Thus that would help you to iron out your flaws and reach the stage of perfection.

Manage your time well

The next task that would be in front of you would be to manage the time in an efficient manner. Most of us has the same time amount at our disposal which should be used efficiently by breaking the schedule of time into weekly, monthly and annual plans ready right in front of you. This would help you to save time in the easiest manner possible.

Master the Subjects

The exam would be the test of how much mastery you have over the subjects as you would have to breeze past the challenges coming from the exam and interview fronts. You have to also ensure that your skill levels for English language should be at par with that of the expectation of your evaluators.

Thus the points provided above would have provided you a clear idea on how to start your preparation effectively.It has been heard that, Byju’s the learning app have been providing UPSC coaching with the aid of latest technology available on the planet with video lectures and mock tests that has created quitea large sensation among students pursuing civil services. Hence it is advisable that you visit their website and grab the details for yourself.

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