Major Religions of the World




Founder-Kung Fu Tsu or Confucius(551-479 BC),born in the state of Lu in china

Founded in-500 BC

Followed in-China, Taiwan, South Korea, Nauru and Vietnam

Sacred text-The Lun Yu, The Analects

Sacred places-Peking (Beijing) in China

Place of worship-No Church or Temple




Founder-Jesus Christ (4BC to AD29), born in Judea. Also called Jesus of Nazareth

Founded in-2000 years ago

Followed in-Spread all over the

Sacred text-Holy Bible, consisting
of the Old Testament (before christ) and the new Testament 
(during and after christ)

Sacred places-Jerusalem,where Christ
lived and preached

Place of worship-Church

Sects-Catholics and Protestants



Founder-Ancient Sages

Founded in-1500 BC

Followed in-Concentrated in
Indian and Nepal and also found in Bhutan,Fiji,Gyuana,Indonesia,Mauritius,south-Africa,Surinam,Trinidad and Tobago ,Bali,Sri-Lanka

Sacred text-The Vedas,the
Upanishads,the Bhagavad  Gita and the
epics of the Mahabharata and ,the Ramayana

Place of worship-Temple





Founder-Prophet Mohammed (A.D
570-632),born in Mecca (Saudi Arabia)

Founded in-AD 622

Followed in-West coast of
Africa which includes Tanzania,southern part of Russia  and china ,India
,Pakistan,Bangladesh,Malaysia and Indonesia.Also parts of Africa.

Sacred text-Quran(words of god),Hadis
(collection of Prophet’s sayings)

Sacred places-Makkah (Mecca) in
Saudi Arabia

Place of worship-Masjid (Mosque)

Sects-Sunnis and shias


                Judaism(Religion of the Hebrews)

(Religion of the Hebrews)

Founder-Moses ,born in Egypt

Founded in-1300 B.C

Followed in-World wide,with
concentration in Israel and united states

particularly in five books of the Bible;commentary on Torah known as Talmud and

Sacred places-Jerusalem

Place of worship-Synagogue





Founder-Began with Japanese
culture and developed out of tradition

Founded in-Antiquity

Followed in-Japan

Sacred text-No specific text

Sacred places-Central shrine of Ise (central japan) and the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo


Founder-Guru Nanak (1469-1539)

Founded in-AD 1500

Followed in-India

Sacred text-Guru Granth Saheb

Sacred places-The Golden Temple
of Amritsar

Place of worship-Gurdwara





Founder-Lao-tse, a Chinese Philosopher

Founded in-6thcentury BC

Followed in-China,Taiwan,Nauru,Brunei,Singapore
and Vietnam

Sacred text-Tao-te-ching



                         Zoroastrianism (Parsi Religion)

 Zoroastrianism (Parsi Religion)

Founder-Zoroaster ,born in Medea(modern Iran) about 600 BC

Founded in-Around 500 BC

Followed in-Iran and north-west
India.The Zoroastrians who fled to India during the eighth century are the
ancestors of the present Parsi community in India

Sacred text-Zend Avesta

Place of worship-Fire Temple



Founder-Gautam Siddhartha Buddha(563-483 B.C) born in Nepal (Lumbini)

Founded in-525 BC

Followed in-China,Tibet,Korea,Mongolia,Nepal,Bhutan,
Thailand,Japan,Laos,Myanmar(Burma),Sri lanka,Cambodia,Taiwan.
Indonesia,Bhutan and Vietnam

Sacred text-The Tripitaka (collection of Buddha’s teaching) also called sutras

Sacred places-Lumbini (Nepal),where Buddha was born,Bodh Gaya(Bihar),where he received Enlightenment and Kusinagara (UP),where he attained ‘Nirvana’

Place of worship-Vihar (temple)and Monastery (where monks reside)

Sects-Mahayana and Hinayana



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