History of Gautama Buddha 
and Buddhism

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Gautam Buddha the founder of  Buddhism was born in lumbini in Kapilavasthu on the border of Nepal in 563 BC

Buddha was brought up by his aunt Mahaprajapati Gautami,hence he got the name Gautama

Buddha's original name was Sidhartha.

Buddha belonged to the sakhya clan of Kshatriyas.

His father name was Subhodhana.

Bhuddha’s wife was Yasodhara and his son was Rahul

He left home at the age of 29 along with his charioteer Channa and favourite horse Kandaka.The incident is known as Mahanishkramana.

Buddha got enlightenment at Bodh gaya at the age of 35 years

After Enlightenment Buddha came to be known as Thadhagatha.He is also known as Sakhyamuni

Buddha made his first sermon at saranath in uttar pradesh .This is known as Dharm chakra parivarthana.

Buddha died in 483 BC at Kushinagara in UP .This was known as Parinirvana.

The eight fold paths of Buddhism are right belief,right thoughts,right speech ,right action,right living,right effort,right recollection and right meditation.

The first Buddhist council was held in 483 BC at Sattaparni (Rajagriha)under the presidentship of Mahakashyapa and under the patronage of king Ajatsatru of magdha.

Second Buddhist council was held in 383 BC at Vaishali under the presidentship of Sabhakami and under the patronage of king Kalashoka

At the second Buddhist council Buddhism was divided into two Staviravadins and Mahasankikas which later came to be known as Hinayana and Mahayana respectively.

The term Hinayana(lesser vehicle,modest vehicle) and Mahayana (greater vehicle,vast vehicle) appeared first in the Prajnaparamita sutras in approximately the second century of the modern era.

Third council of Buddha was held in 250BC at pataliputhra under the presidentship of Mongaliputta Tissa and under the patronage of Asoka the great.

The fourth Buddhist council was held in the first century AD at Kundalavana in Kashmir under the presidentship of Vasumithra and Ashvagosha and under the patronage of Kanishka.


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