NEW EDUCATION TECHNOLOGIES-Technological Advancements In The Realm Of Education And Academics

New Education Technologies

Technological Advancements In The Realm Of Education And Academics

The world is getting more and more technology oriented by the day, and these technological advancements have reached the realms of education.

The Tech-Flood

Technological advancements are all the rage these days! Since the beginning of the age of information, these developments have been slowly making their way into the field of academics and education, but now they are flooding in! Be it the internet, smart phones, laptops, tablet computers or any other contraption that the grey haired professor may look at with scorn, technology has met education and it is something that, if channeled properly and in the right direction, will benefit greatly. After all, technology is a convenience, and is intended to make tasks easier and more efficient, so why not employ it in the realm of academics and education? In the following lines, we are going to discuss the new technological advancements in education and their pros and cons. Yes, there are cons, too. If the grey haired professor disparages anything that has a screen, in the classroom, there is some reason behind it. It is not due to mere loathing or personal distaste. So let us have a look at all of this in-depth!

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The power of technology

The power of technology is great. It has completely revolutionized our lives. Not only has technology made everyday tasks very convenient, but it has also made us so used to that convenience that we find it quite impossible to do those tasks without the help of some gadget or software. Hence, technology has not only become very powerful and made our lives very easy, but it has also overpowered us in a way.
The fact that technology is so powerful leads us to the point that how useful it is in every field in general and in the field of education in particular. The power of technology can be utilized to achieve great things. Education is already benefitting from a lot of the advancements in technology like the world wide web, laptops and notebook computers and even calculators! Though we do not see them as some state-of-the-art gadget, it is an undeniable fact that calculators are technology, too!
The field of education can greatly benefit from technological advancements, if only there were experts working on integrating these advancements with education. There are some experts already working on it, but at the rate at which technology’s taking over the world, we need more people on the job.

Utilize it 

Just how can technology be integrated with education? A lot of the ways it can be done are things we are already familiar with. Using the internet to browse for information, searching e-libraries and connecting to educationists and students
from around the world are some of the ways students are using technology to study. Using smart phones and tablets to keep a record of studies, keeping in contact with study mates and teachers, getting notes and reading e-books are some more. Moving on to laptop computers and even desktops, we see a limitless amount of work being done in very less time.

Know where to stop

The benefits are great, and it is important to find more ways for education to keep up with technology and utilize it in the best way, but it is also necessary that the experts know where to draw a line. Technology is addictive, and overuse of it can kill the actual purpose of its usage. Wastage of time, health issues, lack of exercise and the destruction of creativity and imagination in students are all things that may be caused by uncontrolled use of technology, and we do not want that to happen!

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